Marriage Enrichment Conference

Led By: Pastor David Bounds

  It has been said that communication is key to a successful marriage. But how many of us communicate well with the most important person in our lives, our Spouse?

FIRST COMES LOVE – a marriage conference designed to help any couple desiring a more intimate relationship and improved communication within their marriage.

Learn to identify the goal of your marriage and be challenged with practical ways to reach this goal while deepening your relationship with your Spouse and with Christ.

Program Details

Conference Sessions

SESSION 1: What Do You Need to Understand About Your Marriage to Communicate?

SESSION 2: What Are the Basics of Communication?

SESSION 3: What Should Happen When Communication Breaks Down?

Session 4: How Can We Build a Deep and Meaningful Relationship?

Friday, February 09
6:00pm to 8:30pm

Dinner at 6:00pm

Saturday, February 10
8:15am to 2:30pm

Breakfast and Lunch provided


Cost:  $25.00 per couple (Books included)
Childcare will be provided 


You may register and pay online:

  1. Fill in the form found at this link – JMBC Event Registration
    • This Event Name is “Marriage Enrichment”
    • This Event Date is 02/09/2018
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    • Indicate if you will need childcare and if so, their ages.
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  2. When you have completed the form, go to the Online Giving page and submit your registration fee in the “Marriage Enrichment” field located in the “Special Offerings” section.

or … you may fill out the form and drop off at the Church Office

  1. Download this form (JMBC Event Registration Form) and fill it out
  2. Take completed form to Church Office with your registration fee

For More Info:
Contact the Church Office (484-5568)
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