Moldova Mission Trip

 We were blessed on Sunday with worship in a “new to us” sanctuary.  The sermon was preached in Romanian, translated into Russian, and then again into English for the team.
We sang some familiar and not-so-familiar songs, studied Revelation, and observed the Lord’s Supper.

The team was prayed over during the service; afterwards, we shared lunch with the entire congregation.
We spent the remainder of the day at the church reminiscing and getting ready for the week.

The men spent the week painting the exterior of the church …



… and building and landscaping a playground for the children


  DONE & DONE!!!

The ladies led a retreat for women who came from their villages to
study God’s Word and fellowship together.

Each day began with worship and praise

Bible Study focused on encouraging each other in Christ and learning about God’s love and the love we should have for others

The women also enjoyed crafting.  One of the projects included using post-it notes for leaving an encouraging word on someone’s door



The week was filled with God’s blessings and lives were changed,
including ours!

Many thanks to all who supported us with their prayers.